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Why choose in-company training for your company?

Group training, especially if the group is larger than six individuals, is faster and more cost-effective when done in-house. We come to you, delivering the courses in the location that is most convenient for you and your staff. Each course will be customized to ensure it helps you reach your goals. We are a flexible staff training company, committed to helping you achieve your objectives.

What are the benefits of in-house training?

It might seem more efficient to send your employees out to a training program, but the truth is that choosing an in-house program is almost always more effective. The benefits of in-company training include:

  • Cost-efficiency – Paying for an external training program will almost always be more expensive than choosing an in-house program.
  • Courses customized for your needs – Most external courses are designed to teach a very general set of skills to a group of people from very different industries. In-house training allows you to benefit from a course that is customized specifically for you and your business.
  • Convenient – It is always more convenient to keep your staff in-house, and because you can choose the time and location, you are in total control of the course.
  • Choose your trainer – When you choose Penta Training, you get to choose the trainer with the skills, expertise, and experience that best meets your needs.
  • Quality and consistency – When your staff learns together, they are more likely to cement and then use the knowledge that they acquire.

As the reliable in-company training provider in Dubai, we have the skills and the resources to provide cost effective in-company training to a wide variety of businesses and enterprises. Working with small and large businesses alike, our courses are designed specifically for you and your needs. Our trainers have years of experience in their fields and know exactly how to convey the information they have to your workforce.

Penta Training provides customized training in different fields. From group training to leadership training to soft skill training, and beyond. Penta serves numerous markets worldwide including Middle East, Africa, Europe and Asia, with clients operating in the following sectors:

  • Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals
  • Public Sector
  • Banking and Financial Services
  • Telecommunications
  • Power and Utilities
  • Port and Transport Authorities
  • Manufacturing

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